Mr. Mellon's Science Home Page

  • The main objective of this site is to connect with students and parents about what is going on in my science classes.  I will be routinely posting my daily class agendas, class notes, PowerPoints, and other documents throughout the year on this site.  Please continually check in to see any new information added.

    If you are absent, please check our daily PowerPoint class agenda to see what you missed.  The daily class agenda powerpoint contains the topics covered, homework assignments, and upcoming quizzes/tests for each class.

    Contact Information:


    Phone: (585) 267 - 3219

    Important Dates:

    Egg Drop Competition: Monday 1/27/20

    Physics Midterm: Thursday 1/23/20 at 7:45 AM

    Physics Photo Report: To be announced

    Physics Regents (Final) Exam: Wednesday 6/24/20 at 11:45 AM

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