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  • Welcome to my webpage!

    For Biology, Mr. Pellegrino's page includes due dates and notes. Check my Earth Science webpage for homework, quizzes/tests and lab due dates. Mr. Banker's webpage has all of the PowerPoint presentations for notes.

    My schedule:

    1st period:   Student Assistance/Planning- in room 253 (resource office)

    2nd period:  Resource in room 340

    3rd period:   Resource in room 340

    4th period:   Student Assistance/Planning- in room 253 (resource office)

    5th period:   Biology in room 321

    6th period:   LUNCH

    7th period:   Biology in room 325

    8th period:   Biology lab in room 325 on Tuesdays only/M,W,Th,F Planning

    9th period:  ELA in room 340


    Please also feel free to email me if you have any questions at


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